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Dyed Wood Veneer Mixtures .45mm - .65mm thick
Custom Produced in Europe.
Old World Quality -
dyed through and through. Guaranteed vibrant and beautiful !!
Bleached, pressure dyed, permanently set, and flattened with 100% penetration and color correctness.
Note: We are Pressure Dying the wood which compresses the fibers slightly and then the wood is pressed and dryed for the final finish. This may bring us from .9mm to about .85mm and is industry standard for this process.

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Dyed Veneer Mixture 20 pcs - 8" x 4" .45mm - .65mm wood veneer Dyed Veneer Mixture Thick 10 pcs - 12" x 4" .8m - 1.0mm wood veneer
Dyed Wood Veneer Mixture - (0.45mm ~ 0.65mm thick) Set of 20 Colors 8" x 4" Marked for Identification.
(Selected from colors shown in photo)
Dyed - Wood Veneer Mixture - (0.8 to 0.9mm thick) Set of 10 Colors 12" x 4" Marked for Identification.