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Domestic & Exotic Wood Veneer Sheets

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At B&B Rare Woods, we are passionate about helping you construct the wood work project of your dreams with ease. That’s why we offer a unique selection of beautiful wood veneers to help you bring your vision to life at an excellent price. Over 41 years in the hardwood veneer business, we have extensive experience in helping our customers.

We take pride in our ability to customize each order to fit the individual customer. Whether you need natural wood veneer or dyed wood veneer, your needs are our priority.

Scroll through our selection today and don’t hesitate to CONTACT US with questions about particulars. All our inventory is in house. We’re here to serve you and help bring your wood working project to life.

Redwood Burl wood veneer Redwood Burl wood veneer

Length 22 in x Width 13.5 in

Price:: $15.45
Ako Marble Heart wood veneer Ako Marble Heart wood veneer

Length 41 in x Width 9 in

Price:: $5.38
Cherry Rift wood veneer Cherry Rift wood veneer

Length 36 in x Width 6 in

Price:: $2.25
Rosewood Brazilian Black wood veneer Rosewood Brazilian Black wood veneer

Length 16 in x Width 5.25 in (RESTRICTED TO USA ONLY)

Price:: $12.84

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