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Build Your Own Hand Operated Scroll Saw CD-ROM Marquetry and Inlaid Picture Making CD-ROM Woodworkers Guide to Veneering & Inlay - Paperback Book

by John Angus Eifler & Dave Bilger
For those of you who are handy. Build your own saw
just like
the one used in John's book "Marquetry and
Inlaid Picture Making".
Descriptive text and
illustrations step you through the entire process...

(non-refundable) (CD-ROM in case - PDF file)

by John Angus Eifler
An extremely comprehensive workshop manual,
showing and describing the basics of fine marquetry.
This step by step manual with over 200 color photos,

illustrations, and over 27,000 words in easy to read

descriptive text. A must for beginners and advanced
(non-refundable) (CD-ROM in case - PDF file)

by Jonathan Benson
Woodworkers will learn how veneer is
manufactured and how to choose glue,
adhesives, and substrates; band-saw
their own veneers; cut, match, and tape
veneer panels; accomplish complete
four-way matches; and other procedural
skills. These techniques are demonstrated
through a series of step-by-step exercises
that culminate in four finished projects:
a dining room table, a wall mirror with shelf,
a marquerty picture, and a parquetry design.
Complete with a troubleshooting section for
repairs and problems and featuring
contemporary methods and materials, such
as hammer veneering with PVA glue and
pressing of flat and curved panels,
this reference is the most inclusive resource
for working with veneer and inlay designs.
"This is the best veneering book ever!!"
... Dave Bilger (B&B Rare Woods)